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April 18, 2016 We should promote sweets to China actively - said the head of Buryatia. Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

The head of the Republic in the plenary meeting has instructed the Government of the Republic of Buryatia, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic to review the situation with the export of food products in China and strengthen the promotion of products of the republic, in particular,


04-05-16 11:17
April 18, 2016 In Buryatia a new staff of the Public Chamber is determined. Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

Elections were held on April 15, 2016 in National library. It will start working in June 2016. For participation in the conference 128 application forms have been submitted. However 120 of them have been admitted for participation in the conference: 60 of them for nomination of candidate and


04-05-16 11:14
April 18, 2016 Buryatia is getting ready for the beginning of children’ rest season Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

On the plenary meeting the Head of Buryatia has listened report by Bair Angurov the Minister of sport and youth policy of the Republic of Buryatia and instructed to eliminate all the shortcomings before official opening of the season.

Preparing for summer recreation season is in n


04-05-16 11:11
April 18, 2016 The Head of Buryatia instructed to toughen measures on repayment of debts on wages Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

Head of the Republic in plenary meeting instructed the Minister of Economy Zandra Sangadiev to tighten the work of the Commission on repayment of debts on wages. And also to inform citizens through the press: what actions should be taken in the case, if the there is delay of salary. Employers


04-05-16 11:09
April 18, 2016 The Government of Buryatia will check the work of anti-crisis centers in municipalities – V. Nagovitsyn Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

Head of Buryatia instructed the Ministry of Social Protection of population of the Republic to check the effectiveness of anti-crisis centers in districts.

According to the information that comes to the Head of the Republic, anti-crisis centers have started to bounce people who co


04-05-16 11:07
April 18, 2016 Slum dwelling need to be changed by modern buildings without impairment of interests of citizens – said the Head of Buryatia Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

Slum dwelling will be changed by modern buildings. In the capital of Buryatia work is continuing on changing of the appearance of the city. The day before plans of the City Hall for the development of the built-up areas has been discussed at the meeting with the Head of the Republic. 


04-05-16 11:05
April 04, 2016 Supreme Court of Buryatia has declared illegal the request to be registered at self-willed builders Wednesday 04. of May 2016 Age: 26 days

The decision on the invalidation of the regulation concerning registration in the republican law on the free provision of land lots has been made in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Buryatia on April 14. 

If the court decision comes into force about a thousand people who


04-05-16 11:04